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3 Paintings from the coast

Yesterday I headed over to the California coast to get in some plein air painting.  I went to Davenport just north of Santa Cruz. 

I realize that I haven't been posting paintings that I've just recently done plein air because I'm getting pickier and pickier about my own work.  It often takes me weeks or months of contemplation and a few passes making small (or large) changes before I frame new work.  It thought it might be healthy for me to just show some raw work - so here you go ...

I thought the sequence was interesting because I painted all 3 in the same general location but I moved closer and closer into the grove of trees as the day progressed.  I've noticed this tendency in the past where I unintentionally move in tighter and tighter on a subject.  I don't do it on purpose.  In fact between each of these pieces I was in the car out scouting for other locations.  It just so happened in each case that I returned to a same subject/area.