California Winter Paintings |

California Winter Paintings

Last week I took advantage of the 'good weather' in California and got out painting plein air a solid 5 days. All things are relative, and with record cold temperatures everywhere across the US and Europe except the Pacific coast I figured 55-65 degree highs were nothing to take lightly.

The days were generally overcast. In the past I've been turned off when painting these kinds of days. Interestingly I'm finding that by immersing myself in the the overcast weather I'm discovering a whole new appreciation for the various forms of gray sky.

I'm even getting a bit addicted. One morning I was painting a beautiful foggy valley and when the sun suddenly broke out I found I was disappointed.

Here are two of my pieces from the week. What do you think? Can overcast paintings still deliver an upbeat emotional response?


They are really lovely. They look more like waning light pictures than overcast. Lovely colors.

Julie - thanks. Both were started in early morning when I normally would think of the the light being more yellow and cool compared to late in the day. When embracing the overcast weather I'm discovering more nuanced warms in the morning light.