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High Sierra Painting Trip


I just returned from a week in the mountains.  A group of us (10 artists in all) packed into Chicken Foot and Gem lakes off the Rock Creek trail in the eastern sierras.  This was a trip designed to let us focus on painting, so we had mules bring in the bulk of our supplies and a cook for the duration to keep us well feed.  
I had fantastic time and the days quickly flew by.  Each day went something like this:
-          Wake at dawn (or earlier)
-          Grab of cup of coffee head off to do a morning painting
-          Breakfast at 8:30 or so
-          Pack up a lunch for the day
-          Head off to some more distant lakes or views and spend the late morning and afternoon painting
-          Return for dinner
-          Hang around drinking wine and swapping stories and tried to stay awake until 9pm (without much luck)
I don’t have time for a long post (I’ve got a big backlog of framing to get to for a Sept 10th show), but Terry Miura is posting a fabulous day-by-day account of the trip that you can read about here:
 OK - I'm going to get back to framing now ...