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Winter - A Time for Destruction

Winter – time to be doing more work in the studio.

I’ve recently been pulling out paintings that have made their way into the ‘heap’.  These are pieces that never quite made it out of the studio.  There are things I like about them, but that allusive ‘something’ is holding them back.

Here’s and example of a painting that has just be bugging at me.  The foreground has been a problem, and I’ve repainted it a number of times.  In the very beginning (not shown), the foreground had a number of cars very nicely rendered.  Problem was, that’s not where I want the viewer spending time.

I went through and significantly loosened the foreground a few months ago, trying to take it out of focus and make it less demanding of attention.   Helped, but didn’t solve it.



 SF Morning Vibrations 24x30 Oil

Today I just decided all those cars needed to go.  Regardless of how much time I’ve put into this passage of the painting, it needed to be destroyed and simplified.

I’m pleased with the initial result.  The painting isn'tcomplete as of yet, but I think I got it out of a stuck state.  Only time will tell (but let’s hope I’m not taking this back out next winter for another round of rework).