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High Key Painting

'High Key' refers to pushing all the values (darks and lights) towards the lights.

Winter - A Time for Destruction

Winter – time to be doing more work in the studio.

Zhaoming Wu Figurative Workshop Demo

I had the pleasure of taking a figurative painting workshop with Zhaoming Wu recently.

Painting Large in Plein Air

Yesterday I took a studio painting that I just wasn't quite happy with back out on location to see if I could infuse it with more life.

Seascape - can you spot the finishing touches?

In my last post I described the start and development of this seascape painting.  I've done a pass of to

Seascape painting in process

I took a few pictures of a painting as it developed in the studio today, and I thought this might make an int

The Value of Value

Thought I'd post a quick example of how value makes the painting.  Value, or dark and light, is what hol

Studio Painting Process

I recently used one of my Point Lobos studies to do this larger pastel painting in the studio ...

The 5th layer of streams with rapids

Earlier I made the statement that I think there 4 layers in a painting of water with rapids, but I was just looking over a painting from the series

Stream Study #3

Here's the next in the series ...


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