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Artwork by Timon Sloane

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Title: Low Tide Thrill
9 inches
12 inches
On Display At:
Timon's Studio

I was out on a beautiful afternoon painting on a cliff top, and while I was painting a couple walked into the scene.  I've painted along this beach many times, and I've never seen anyone down on the beach.  I didn't think it was even accessible, but the tide was low enough that they were able to get out to this point.

Best part was that I never fully appreciated the scale of the location.  I never realized just how large the rocks are, or the enormous scale of the offshore breakers.

The couple ventured out close to the water’s edge, and then they quickly retreated to safer ground.  I worked quickely to sketch them in, and I love how it gives a sense of scale to the whole scene.


Inventory Number: 1250