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Carmel Art Festival

I had a really fun week at the Carmel Art Festival last week.  I looked all foggy and overcast as we were checking in, but then magically the skies cleared and we had really nice weather for both of the painting days.  Aside from some high winds, it was perfect.

I was up in the dark painting in the morning, and painting through sunset each day.  Here's a painting I did from the road overlooking the Carmel River.  This was a good evening spot given that it was protected from the winds coming off the ocean.

"Cypress With A View"

The show days (Saturday and Sunday) we didn't have quite the same luck.  There was some rain on Sunday, but overall it was bearable.

I love Carmel.  It really is my favorate place to paint.  There's so much variety and beauty in such a condensed area.  And since Monterey is a peninsula, I can find morning and evening locations with terrific lighting by flipping back and forth between eastern and western views.