Impressionists Show at San Francisco De Young Museum |

Impressionists Show at San Francisco De Young Museum

I visited the impressionist show at the De Young museum last month and was struck by a number of the paintings.  Although I've visited the Musée d'Orsay two or three times over the years, there were a number of striking pieces that I don't recall ever seeing.  It could be I didn't see this work (perhaps it was out of rotation), but I suspect it has more to do with circumstance.  Lighting conditions and gallery positioning can make or break how a painting is perceived and received.

I just found an image of a Monet (a painting of turkeys) that I found striking at the show.   This image doesn't do the painting any justice - this large piece just glowed with beautiful lighting.  This is just another example of how reproductions just don't cut it and why one needs to see work in person.

If you have a chance, go see the show before it's gone.  I think it runs through September.