Post Impressionists Show at San Francisco De Young Museum |

Post Impressionists Show at San Francisco De Young Museum

I got out tot the post-impressionist show at the De Young museum yesterday and really enjoyed myself.  The show really concentrates on the period after impressionism, and had few works by artists like Monet.  It did have a nice collection of Van Gough, but what struck me most was a Sargent piece (left) and this work by Albert Besnard (right):


As if often the case, neither of these images do the originals justice - in both cases fabric of the dresses just shimmered with light.

What really made the show for me was going late in the day midweek and then doubling back to the beginning of the show about 30 minutes prior to it closing.  At this point they haven't been letting people in for about an hour and I got to spend big chunks of time in the galleries all by myself (well, and a security guard too).  It's really so much more enjoyable then navigating crowds.  Both of these pieces are really large and should be appreciated from 20+ feet away which just can't be done in the normal course of these shows.


Thanks for the viewing tip Timon:-)

Kim - hope it works for you if you give it a try. Let me know.